Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Lawyers

Taking productive legal action for people who are unable to work is a central mission for us at Eden Rafferty. Since our founding partners established our Worcester law firm in 1990, we have fought continuously for injured workers’ rights and families’ futures.

Having someone you can turn to for sound legal representation can be critical after an accident on the job—and we take great pride in being just such a resource. Please contact us now for a free consultation to discuss your situation and available strategies.

Evaluating, Pursuing and Appealing Essential Claims for Compensation

Attorney Jane Eden‘s calling has long been advocacy and education in the important fields of workers’ compensation and Social Security disability law. Ms. Eden, a frequent speaker and published author on key issues in these areas, leads our firm’s efforts to:

  • Thoroughly assess all legal options for obtaining the compensation you need after an injury on the job, a work-related illness, or any disability that prevents you from working
  • File and appeal valid workers’ compensation claims, dealing with any disputes assertively and productively
  • Provide essential counsel and representation to help you obtain the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits you need
  • Investigate any opportunity for you to get the financial help you need by pursuing a “third-party” personal injury claim—sometimes worth far more than a workers’ compensation claim—if a dangerous product or someone other than your employer caused your injury

Targeting Positive Results for the Injured and Disabled

We welcome people of all backgrounds and occupations, and we have direct insight into the impact of various injuries on people’s lives. Our experience extends to:
    • Injuries due to falls, on-the-job vehicle accidents, equipment malfunctions and other causes
    • Back injuries and degenerative back ailments that affect many factory workers, construction workers, and others
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress disorders
    • Advocacy for labor unions and their members, including truck drivers, law enforcement and correctional officers, firefighters and others

When you want the straight story on all potential avenues for obtaining financial support after an accident or the onset of a disabling illness, contact us and request a free consultation. You will not encounter elitist attitudes or intimidation in our offices, and we are well equipped to help Spanish-speaking clients.

Practice Areas

Asbestos Diseases
Lost Wage Benefits
Commercial & Truck Drivers
Commercial Driver Injuries
Construction Site Accidents
Industrial & Manufacturing Workers
Industrial and Manufacturing Accidents
Injuries Not Covered by Workers’ Comp
Injured Construction Workers
Injuries to Service Industry Workers
Lump Sum Payment
On-the-Job Accidents
Public Transportation Worker Injuries
Service Workers
Workplace Injuries
Commercial Driver and Truck Driver Injuries

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