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If you were injured at work in Massachusetts, there are various levels of benefits you may be eligible to receive under the Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation System. Workers’ comp payments are generally paid in bi-weekly cash payments to help injured workers and their families recover the majority of wages lost as the worker strives toward maximum medical recovery.

If you have questions regarding lost wages due to a workplace injury in central Massachusetts, talk to an attorney at the Massachusetts workers’ compensation law firm of Eden Rafferty, in Worcester. Our attorneys offer more than two decades of legal counsel and advocacy on behalf of injured workers. We know the system. We know the strategies to help you recover from wage loss, and we are proud of our record of helping hard working people recover the workers’ compensation insurance benefits they have paid for through their wages and are entitled to receive for their injuries.

Generally, Massachusetts provides wage loss benefits according to the category of disability you fall into because of your injury. The categories of wage loss are broadly based as follows:

To find the official definition of categories, we invite you to go to the Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation official website.*

  • Loss of wages: Wage loss benefits are paid to an injured worker who is still able to work but suffers a reduced income because of injuries. Wage loss benefits are paid for a limited time and are intended to fill the gap between the injured worker’s prior earnings and the loss of earnings.
  • Temporary total disability: Paid to compensate a worker who is temporarily unable to work because of a total disability suffered in a workplace accident.
  • Permanent total disability: benefits paid when an injured worker is permanently disabled because of a workplace accident. Benefits are paid as a percentage of the workers earnings at the time of the injury and are payable for life.
  • Permanent partial disability: Benefits paid according to a schedule of injuries determined by the Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation System. Payments are paid as a percentage of the worker’s wages at the time of the injury and are generally limited to the duration of the medical recovery period.

Lump Sum Settlements

In some cases, it may be beneficial to accept a lump sum cash pay out of workers’ comp benefits. If you are facing a decision about a lump sum payment or would like to pursue a lump sum payment, talk to an experienced attorney. The large cash sum often looks tempting, but you will give up any further claims for benefits, in the event your injuries require further medical care or will not allow you to continue work.

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