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Eden Rafferty provides legal counsel and representation for workers injured in construction accidents on the job in the MetroWest region and central Massachusetts. If you were in an industrial or manufacturing accident and face work restrictions or loss of earnings while you are undergoing medical treatment and rehabilitation, talk to an experienced attorney on our team today.

Two Decades of Successful Workers’ Compensation Claims

For years, injured workers have turned to the first names in Massachusetts workers’ compensation law at Eden Rafferty. We are proud of our record of helping individuals and their families work through the complex system to receive the benefits they are entitled to after suffering a work-related injury. We know the system. We know why initial claims are often denied. We know the strategies to get your denied claim appeal successfully through the system.

Why It Makes Sense to Work With a Full Service Litigation Firm

In many industrial accident injury and wrongful death cases, there is more at stake than just workers’ compensation benefits. If you accept workers’ compensation payments, you generally give up your right to file a lawsuit against your employer, except in cases of gross and blatant disregard for safety regulations. But in many industrial or manufacturing accidents, there is a third party who may be held liable for additional compensation. This can include a manufacturer of a defective product. When you work with us, we look at the complete picture. Workers’ compensation is for medical care and lost-wage benefits, with very little compensation for other real costs. Our experienced trial attorneys will work aggressively to fight for every dollar of workers’ compensation money your family needs, but we can also pursue a claim for significant third-party damages for medical care, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

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Get the help you need for filing a successful workers’ compensation claim for the maximum benefits your injuries entitle you to. From our offices in Worcester, we represent workers injured in industrial accidents in communities throughout the MetroWest region and central Massachusetts. Contact us to arrange a free consultation.

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