Asbestos Diseases

Counsel for Workers and Families Struck by an Asbestos Disease

One of the most tragic and far-reaching, largely untold stories of the American worker involves the widespread exposure of millions to asbestos. This mineral—long renowned and still used in many products today for its amazing heat resistance and other unique physical properties—has been acknowledged as the only known cause of mesothelioma and a primary factor in the development of certain lung, stomach, throat and other cancers.

If you personally, or someone in your family, is a victim of mesothelioma or another asbestos-related cancer, we are prepared to consider and evaluate your case for obtaining compensation by all available legal means— free of charge and at no financial risk to you.

The lawyers of Eden Rafferty are well versed in workers’ compensation law, Social Security disability law, and civil litigation, including wrongful death lawsuits. Applying decades of experience and leveraging our strong reputation in the Worcester area and across Massachusetts, we will offer resourceful representation or help you find another lawyer well equipped to handle your case.

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As a trusted resource for workers across the spectrum of occupations, from furniture and plastics craftsmen to construction workers, our firm is an excellent starting point for anyone with an occupational disease or job-related injury. We make a point of being accessible, responsive, and providing genuine compassion to our clients in a life-changing or life-threatening situation.

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