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Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Lawyers for Truck Drivers

Not everyone recognizes the hazards and risks faced on a daily basis by professional truck drivers. At Eden Rafferty, based in Worcester, Massachusetts, we get it. If a roadway accident caused by someone else has caused your injury, or you are unable to continue on the job for another reason, we encourage you to contact our law firm.

We are ready to provide a caring consultation, free of charge and are intently focused on what is best for you and your family. If you communicate best in Spanish, simply let our staff know and we will be well-prepared to understand your situation and keep you informed.

Respecting Union and Independent Truckers, and Fighting for Your Rights

Our focused, established workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyers not only have built a longstanding relationship with the Teamsters’ local, we provide personal attention to individual truck drivers who have suffered an injury on the job or elsewhere.

We know that the time and performance pressures on truck drivers are significant, adding to the physical demands of the job. You may be rendered unable to properly control your vehicle and perform related duties by a truck driver injury such as:
  • An ailing back, damaged shoulder, or painful neck injury
  • A heart condition or other ailment that restricts your physical activity

Understanding Your Challenges and Limitations

We also know from extensive experience that MetroWest motorists can take unfortunate chances and behave recklessly. Semis, tractor trailer rigs, and even smaller delivery trucks have limitations related to stopping distance, acceleration and more. Even as a proven professional truck driver, your risk of injury is considerable every day. If you are disabled for a long period, our skills in Social Security disability law can be a critical asset.

You have your skills and vocation, and we have ours—both requiring hard work and both worthy of respect. To explore all viable options for receiving the benefits you have earned or obtaining compensation through decisive legal action, please contact an attorney at our respected Massachusetts law firm today.

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