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“A must call if you’re injured in an accident. The attorneys and staff are very professional and take care of everything that needs to happen. Highly recommended.” – J.M.

“Richard Rafferty is the most experienced, talented, responsive, and professional attorney that I’ve ever worked with. He has also surrounded himself with a top-shelf supporting staff. That firm is a results-oriented operation where you are treated like their “only” client.” – T.M.

“Attorney Rafferty was extremely helpful to my wife and I during a terrible personal injury case, involving my son. His attention and thoroughness with regards to the logistics and protocol of the process was comforting as it allowed us to concentrate on our son. The settlement was more than fair, and most important, our son was never put in an uncomfortable position, which was paramount. I would recommend attorney Rafferty to any friend, family member or business associate.” – N.T.

“The first thing every client needs secured, from their lawyer, is trust. From minute one Attorney Rafferty secured my trust and that trust has never wavered. Followed up with a great team, integrity above reproach and competence to match the highest standards, I knew I was in great hands. I would recommend Richard Rafferty to any friend, family member or colleague.” – B.M.



Client was on his motorcycle when he was struck by a pickup truck pulling out of a driveway.


Vehicle struck by drunk driver. Client was in coma for twelve days.


A Pregnant woman was a passenger in a vehicle which was involved in a collision causing her to give birth prematurely.

The Legal Advocacy and Diligence You Need After a Car Crash

Helping victims of auto accidents recover maximum compensation for their injuries is a key area of emphasis at our highly accessible, respected Worcester, Massachusetts, law firm. If you are suffering due to someone’s negligence or recklessness on the roadways of the MetroWest area, we want to help.

If it can happen on our streets and highways, chances are good our attorneys have dealt with a comparable case. In addition to this extensive experience, what separates us from some other personal injury firms is the level of personal attention we provide each client. Leveraging our knowledge of the law, car and other vehicle crash investigation techniques, and negotiation and trial strategies, we are determined to take the approach best for you and your family.

Experienced with a Full Range of Accident Types and Levels of Injury

Our civil litigation attorneys, led by founding partner and 20-year veteran lawyer Richard Rafferty, are prepared to pursue your best interests by all legal means. We handle auto accident cases involving wrongful death and the most severe injuries as well as those that are less catastrophic but still take a serious personal and financial toll. Our experience extends to:

  • Car accidents and crashes of all types, including wrecks caused by reckless driving, teen driving, underage drinking, irresponsible liquor sales, drunk driving or inattentive driving due to cell phone use
  • Car accidents involving rear-end, head-on, sideswipe/rollover and side-impact collisions
  • Motorcycle accidents, as well as bicycle and pedestrian accidents, in which injuries tend to be traumatic and fault is often contested by the negligent driver and/or insurance company
  • Auto accident cases involving uninsured or underinsured motorists
  • Accidents occurring on highways, in construction zones or on dangerous or defective roadways

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Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally, if someone has been injured in the accident, calling an ambulance should be the first priority. Beyond that, the most important steps to take after an accident is to obtain the name, telephone number and insurance information of the other driver, provide the other driver with your identifying information, take pictures of the accident scene and the respective vehicles, get the names/telephone numbers of any witnesses, and call the police.

You can prove fault by gathering evidence that the other driver was responsible for the accident. Photos taken at the accident scene, photos of vehicle damage, statements of witnesses, testimony from car mechanics, and the police report of the accident may be good sources for proof the other drivers’ negligence. A Massachusetts car accident attorney can help you collect evidence, including the testimony of an accident reconstruction expert, if necessary.

It depends on how much responsibility you share for the accident. Massachusetts is a modified comparative fault state. This means that you can only recover damages if you are less than 50% at-fault. The total damages you receive will then be reduced by the percentage of fault you share in causing the crash. For example, if you were found 25 percent responsible for the accident, you would receive 75% of the total damages. Note, however, that if you are found to be responsible for more than 50% of the accident, then you cannot recover any damages at all.

Eden Rafferty Attorneys at Law Office can help you fight for the maximum amount of compensation to which you’re entitled. No matter whether you’re seeking to collect compensation from your own insurance company, or are involved in a dispute with the other driver’s insurance carrier, your lawyer will ensure that your claims are filed in a timely manner, collect all critical evidence, forcefully argue on your behalf, and negotiate a fair settlement.

Without reviewing all the evidence and circumstances of your case, it’s difficult for an attorney to provide even a ballpark estimate of how much your case might be worth. This is especially true if your medical condition following the accident has not yet stabilized or if you’re seeking damages such as pain and suffering. That said, once all the evidence is assessed, a skilled car accident attorney should be able to use his or her best judgment and experience with previous cases to estimate the potential value of your claim.

The answer to this question varies from case to case. It depends on the extent of your injuries, the complexity of the case, whether settlement is an option, and whether liability is disputed. In a straightforward case, you may be able to reach resolution in as little as six months. A more complex case may take two years or more to resolve. Your attorney at Eden Rafferty Law Office will be able to give you a reasonable estimate of the case’s timeline once he has become familiar with the case details.

Usually, it’s your own auto insurance company, oftentimes supplemented by your own health insurance company. Massachusetts is a “no-fault” car accident state, which means that each driver’s auto insurance company will pay for their respective drivers’ medical bills, regardless of who caused the accident.

Under Massachusetts law, your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) section of your auto insurance policy is responsible for covering your medical bills, lost wages and other related expenses up to $8,000. If you have private health insurance, and if your medical bills exceed $2,000, however, the excess should be submitted to your health insurance carrier. If your health insurance carrier denies coverage, then PIP will cover the remainder up to a total of $8,000.

In Massachusetts, you can only seek additional financial compensation, such as pain and suffering or unreimbursed expenses, from the negligent driver under specific circumstances. The accident must have caused you to suffer:

– a broken or fractured bone
– permanent and serious disfigurement
– permanent hearing loss
– permanent eye damage/loss of vision
– amputation of a limb
– medical expenses in excess of $2,000
– death –the surviving family members of wrongful death victims can also seek damages from an at-fault driver

In Massachusetts, the statute of limitations for injuries or property damage arising from a car accident is 3 years, starting from the day of the accident. Nonetheless, to increase your chances of obtaining full and fair compensation, you should file your lawsuit as soon after the accident as is reasonably possible.

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