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Construction Workers’ Advocates in Worcester, Massachusetts

If you have suffered any type of serious injury on a construction site in the Worcester or MetroWest region of Massachusetts, you can turn to us for a thorough evaluation of your legal options. We understand that your own future and your family’s financial well-being may be foremost in your mind, and we adopt those same priorities.

Lawyers Who Have Built Their Reputations on Representation of the Injured

We are a resourceful, sophisticated law firm immersed in the issues faced by hardworking citizens. Our professional energies go toward pursuing justice and maximum compensation for people across the spectrum of life in our community, and we want to assert and defend your interests if you have suffered a construction site injury, including those resulting from:

  • A fall from scaffolding, ladder, roof, other heights or from a vehicle
  • Malfunctioning or poorly maintained equipment
  • The lack of proper tools or protective gear
  • An on-site vehicle accidents
  • An explosion or fire related to the handling of chemicals or flammable materials

At Eden Rafferty in Worcester, you will find attorneys with decades of experience obtaining positive resolution through filings and appeals of workers’ compensation claims, Social Security disability claims, and personal injury lawsuits. Our track record of success includes substantial financial recoveries for numerous construction workers who have suffered a wide range of injuries.

Back Injury- Head Injury-Other Construction Site Injury

We work both the liability and medical aspects of every case we handle, prioritizing action that promotes your successful recovery from a back injury, head injury or other serious outcome above our own interests. If your disability may be permanent, we focus on long-term financial solutions.

We are truly determined to identify the cause of your construction site injury and hold a responsible party accountable. In some situations, this may require in-depth investigation and analysis of what happened and who was involved-and we are prepared to go the distance for you. We have strong connections to investigators with the knowledge required to help us build the best possible case for you.

To work with an attorney who will know your options, and with a firm equipped to communicate with you whatever your needs, including Spanish language services, please call 508-471-3273 today. We offer a free case evaluation and handle construction site injury cases on a contingency basis. You owe us nothing unless we recover money for you.

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