Injuries Not Covered
by Workers’ Comp

When workers are injured, workers’ compensation is usually the first thing they seek when looking to cover the costs associated with their injuries.

In general, workers’ comp is intended to pay expenses that result from workplace injuries including medical bills, back pay and disability payments. However, it does not necessarily cover the full amount of every expense.

Worcester Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

For this reason, Eden Rafferty, assists clients in pursuing additional or third-party damages against negligent parties outside of workers’ compensation. If you were injured on the job, our attorneys can pursue full compensation for:

    • Medical bills not paid by your employer
    • Pain and suffering not covered under workers’ comp
    • Medical bills, lost wages, disability and other damages caused by a subcontractor, motorist, or other party that is not your employer

Injuries Not Covered by Workers’ Comp

Although workers’ compensation insurance does not always cover every cost of an injury, it can cover most expenses when an experienced attorney gets involved. Our lawyers are also experienced trial attorneys who tenaciously protect our clients’ rights to compensation.

If an employer or its insurer is failing to pay on your workers’ compensation claim, or if a third party is refusing to pay damages on injuries not covered by workers’ compensation, we can use our knowledge and experience in personal injury law to pursue just compensation on your behalf.

In addition, our attorneys can utilize medical experts, accident reconstructionists and other professionals to convince a jury of your injuries and their true costs to your health and livelihood.

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