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Attorneys for Massachusetts Bike and Pedestrian Accident Victims

Our Worcester law firm, a trusted resource in our community and throughout the MetroWest area since 1990, has the skill and relevant experience to help you thoroughly consider all means of recovering financial compensation after a bicycle or pedestrian accident. We know you may be suffering or grieving, and encourage you to turn to us for caring, results-focused legal counsel beginning with a free case evaluation.

We have advocated effectively for many auto accident victims and people hit by cars or other vehicles when walking or cycling. Our experience extends from claims to recover medical expenses after moderate injuries to wrongful death litigation arising from a tragic child fatality. Whatever your situation, we will emphasize personal compassion and assertive legal action designed to help you on the path to personal recovery.

Substantial Experience Aiding Catastrophic Injury Victims and Their Families

After a “typical” car wreck, most people have some knowledge of whether their own insurance coverage is likely to apply. Suffering injuries as a pedestrian or bicyclist—often severe injuries such as fractured limbs or disabling brain, spinal and back injuries—is something few ever anticipate.

Demonstrated Ability to Resolve Liability and Insurance Coverage Issues

Thorough investigation and experienced advocacy is often essential in these cases, where issues of insurance coverage and liability can be quite complex. Our veteran personal injury attorneys are prepared to assess your case involving:

  • A hit-and-run or accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured motorist
  • Injuries caused by drunk driving or inattentive driving due to texting or cell phone use
  • Any other pedestrian or bicycle accident where the cause, liability, or appropriate compensation may be disputed—including “dart-out” cases and failures to yield

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Our team of lawyers is widely respected for our abilities and integrity by legal opponents, insurance companies and court officials. In all matters of serious personal injury, we focus on building a solid case for trial if necessary—while pursuing all opportunities for a fair, timely settlement that may ultimately help you move forward in life.

Learning your legal options after a traumatic accident involves no financial risk when you choose to contact Eden Rafferty. You will incur no attorney fees whatsoever unless we take on your case and win a financial settlement or favorable verdict for you.

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