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Young drivers face challenges that many experienced drivers rarely consider.

Even if a young person has completed a driver’s training course and earned a Massachusetts driver’s license, they lack the experience with traffic that most drivers gain with time. Their driving instincts, actions and reactions may not be at the level of more experienced motorists.

Further, the natural impulsivity of youth can cause teen drivers to be more easily distracted by music, cellphones/texting, and conversations with passengers.

As a result, teens tend to get into more accidents and have more contact with police than most older drivers. That doesn’t mean they are less deserving of high-quality legal representation.

Massachusetts Underage DUI Attorneys

At Eden Rafferty, our attorneys represent the interests of teen drivers who have made mistakes and need legal help. We help them fight traffic tickets and avoid convictions related to a range of driving offenses, including but not limited to:

  • Reckless driving
  • Underage driving/driving without a driver’s license
  • Speeding
  • Inattentive driving
  • Improper turns/lane change
  • Driving while intoxicated

Particularly, we defend teen drivers in accident situations, when a passenger, driver of another vehicle, or pedestrian may have been injured or killed.

Worcester Teen Driving Lawyers | Fitchburg New Driver Accident Law Firm

If you are young and are facing citations or charges concerning a driving arrest, you don’t need a lecture, you need solid representation. Our law firm is experienced at representing teens at hearings and before judges in Massachusetts courts. We can help you keep your driver’s license, avoid fines and avert jail time.

For more information about how Eden Rafferty, can help you, contact us online or by calling us in Worcester, Massachusetts at 508-471-3273.

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