Motorcycle Accidents

Skilled Lawyers for Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Victims

If you have been injured or tragically lost a family member in a motorcycle accident—or any auto accident in or near the Worcester area—we encourage you to contact us today for caring attention and exploration of legal options. At Eden Rafferty, we offer a free case evaluation by an experienced lawyer who will focus on the best approach to recovering maximum compensation for you.

The vast majority of people who ride motorcycles do so for enjoyment and economy, fully aware of the added risk of traveling unshielded from impact. In addition to attorneys experienced in all aspects of accident investigation and litigation, we have a full-time staff member who rides and has first-hand insight into the dangers a motorcyclist faces on MetroWest roadways such as I-90 (the Mass Pike), I-290, I-190, and Routes 9, 20 and 495.

Severe, Traumatic Injuries—Wrongful Death—Liability and Insurance Issues

Although motorcyclists have rights equal to those of all other drivers on the road, not every driver operates his or her car or truck accordingly. Many motorcycle accidents involve inattentive driving or other forms of negligence and, unfortunately, the consequences of the wrecks that result often include very severe injuries or even wrongful death.

If a motorcycle accident has caused you or your loved one life-changing injuries, it can be especially critical to work with a lawyer who understands:

  • The unique nuances of motorcycle accident causes, including proving liability when another driver claims he or she could not see the motorcyclist
  • How to build the strongest possible case for maximum compensation if your accident resulted in a traumatic brain injury, spinal injury, or other injuries requiring multiple surgeries, extensive rehabilitation or lifelong care
  • Strategies frequently used by insurance defense lawyers in complex motorcycle accident cases

Legal Representation Focused on Your Needs, Financial Hardship, and Recovery

If you managed to emerge from your bike crash with moderate injuries, perhaps including a single fracture, sprains, bruises or road rash, the costs of getting proper medical treatment and recovering may still be staggering. Please contact us to talk through what happened, free of charge and without incurring any financial risk at all. We proudly serve people of all occupations and backgrounds, and we have fluent Spanish-speaking staff on hand to help.

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