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Winter is a fact of life, and when the snow falls, it has to be cleared from our roadways. Who is responsible for snow removal is often a matter of which governmental jurisdiction a road falls under, or whether that road is on private property.

As a result, it isn’t always obvious who is responsible for accidents that involve snowplows. Plows used on a certain stretch of road could have any of a variety of owners and could be driven by operators who are on contract.

What is obvious is that a snowplow is a massive vehicle that can cause serious injuries to people who are in its path, whether the victim is in a vehicle or on foot. Snowplows are also the cause of thousands of dollars in property damage each year.

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The attorneys of Eden Rafferty, in Worcester, Massachusetts, are not strangers to snow or to the injuries people suffer when they run afoul of snow removal vehicles. Our experienced trial lawyers help injured parties to recover compensation for their injuries, medical expenses, lost wages and other damages that occur in situations of snowplow negligence.

If you were injured by a snowplow, we can assist you in pursuing compensation from the liable parties following injuries caused by:

  • Snowplows owned and/or operated by private contractors
  • Snowplows owned and/or operated by municipalities
  • Snowplows owned and/or operated by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT)

Further, if someone you loved died as a result of injuries caused by a negligent snowplow operator or owner, we can help you pursue wrongful death damages to compensate you for burial expenses, economic losses and lost companionship, among other damages.

Worcester Snow Plow Accident Attorneys

Snowplow negligence can manifest in various ways. An operator may have worked too many hours consecutively, and been too fatigued to drive a plow safely. Or, he or she may have been inattentive to road conditions and not seen a vehicle or person who was reasonably obvious.

He or she may have been drunk or using drugs. Or, the owner of the plow (or the agency responsible for it) may have failed to perform maintenance that rendered the vehicle unsafe or uncontrollable.

Whatever the circumstances behind your snowplow injury accident, our experienced lawyers can guide you through your initial lawsuit filing and through the entire court process, whether that leads to negotiations or a court trial. We understand that snowplow injuries can be devastating and life altering; retain us, and we will work to get you the compensation you deserve.

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