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Worcester Truck Maintenance Lawyers

When people witness commercial truck accidents, many will assume the driver was at fault. The image of the overworked, poorly rested driver who takes chances to make deliveries is common.But it is not just truck drivers who have a responsibility to drive safely. Commercial trucking companies have a duty to protect the public from harm due to negligent upkeep of their vehicles.

Massachusetts Faulty Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Eden Rafferty, in Worcester, Massachusetts represents clients who have been injured in accidents caused by negligent truck maintenance, both on the road and off.

Our attorneys work to get compensation for motorists, pedestrians and other parties who have been injured due to negligent maintenance in situations including:

  • Worn brakes/brake lines
  • Old or worn tires
  • Rusty or worn-out door hinges and/or load restraints
  • Wheel bearings/cracked rims
  • Poorly maintained fuel tanks/fire hazards
  • Improper mirror placement
  • Safety signal malfunction
  • Headlight malfunction

Worcester Truck Maintenance Attorneys

If you were run down by a truck that had bad brakes, or crushed under an improperly secured load that fell onto the roadway, or sustained any of the myriad injuries that can befall people when they are near unsafe trucks, we can help.

Our lawyers routinely seek compensation for injured clients for their medical bills, lost wages, disability, loss of future income potential and other damages. Our experienced litigators can utilize accident reconstructionists, medical experts, vocational rehabilitation experts and others to determine how the accident happened, why it happened, and how much money you will need to be fully compensated.

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For a free, initial consultation with our experienced commercial truck maintenance lawyer, contact our law firm in Worcester, Massachusetts, at 508-471-3273.

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