Car Accidents

Victim of a Car Accident? Our Worcester Attorneys Can Help

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, don’t talk to an insurance adjuster until you talk to a member of the personal injury litigation team at Eden Rafferty.

Since 1990, people throughout the Greater Worcester area have been turning to our firm to seek maximum compensation for serious injuries suffered in car accidents of all types and severity.

Don’t take on insurance companies without a bulldog in your corner

Auto insurance companies are among the most profitable businesses because their defense lawyers are good at what they do. When dealing with these companies, you can expect to run into a brick wall of delays and tactics that seek to minimize your injuries or blame you for the extent of your losses. We know the tactics, and we can fight against them.

When you come to us with a serious injury from a motor vehicle accident, we handle your case with compassion and care, always focusing on preparing to win in court, if the opposing side won’t come prepared to settle in negotiations.

We have a successful record of settlements and verdicts in all types of motor vehicle accident claims, including:

  • Drunk driving
  • Accident claims involving uninsured and underinsured motorist policies
  • Cell phone and distracted driver accidents
  • Car accidents involving reckless driving, teen driving, underage drinking
  • Passenger injury claims
  • Injuries resulting from defective seat belts, airbags and auto components
  • Motorcycle, moped and scooter accidents
  • Truck, commercial van and delivery vehicle accidents
  • Accidents involving public transportation, buses, subway and taxis
  • Accidents on highways, in Construction zones or on dangerous roadways

How Much Could An Auto Accident Case Be Worth?

The amount of damages you could be entitled to varies with every case. It depends on why the driver at fault was negligent or reckless–were they drunk, distracted or underage? It can also depend on how gravely you were injured, what your past and future medical bills are, and how long you were out of work for.

What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

Immediately after a car accident, call the police! Exchange information with the other driver and take detailed notes and pictures of damage to yourself or the automobiles. If you are injured, keep detailed records of your injuries and any medical bills or costs. Call your insurance company, but wait to sign anything or make any statements until after you consult with Eden Rafferty!

What Shouldn’t I do After A Car Accident?

Never admit fault of any kind. Speak to your insurance company, but don’t make an official statement or sign any documents until after you consult with an attorney at Eden Rafferty. If an insurance adjuster calls you, do not give them any details about the accident.

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