Truck Accidents

What to do following an truck accident in the Greater Worcester area

If you have been hurt in a truck accident that was caused by an inattentive, fatigued, or intoxicated trucker, it’s important not to talk to an insurance adjuster until you talk to a member of the personal injury litigation team at Eden Rafferty.

Since 1990, people have turned to our firm to seek maximum compensation for serious injuries suffered in car, truck and motorcycle accidents. If the injury was caused in anyway by a negligent trucker or by a poorly maintained truck, it is important to hold the trucking company responsible.

What our legal team can do for you

At Eden Rafferty, we know that these trucking companies need to be held to standards of commercial transport liability. If a transport company:

  • Employs a negligent driver
  • Fails to maintain equipment
  • Or has policies or procedures that encourage violations of safety regulations…

Our team can help you get what you deserve. And most importantly, when you come to us with a serious injury from a motor vehicle accident involving a commercial truck, we handle your case with compassion and care and the drive to win.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer For A Truck Accident?

Unlike a typical car accident between two private citizens, an accident involving a commercial truck would involve filing a claim against a third party–the trucking company that owns the vehicle. This makes the case much more complicated, and a personal injury lawyer well versed in Federal Motor Carrier Regulations, like the team here at Eden Rafferty, is strongly advised. We have years of experience going up against big trucking companies and their insurance companies, and we know we can win for you!

What Should I Do After A Truck Accident?

Immediately after your accident, call the police! Exchange information with the other driver and take detailed notes and pictures of damage to yourself or the vehicles. If you are injured, keep detailed records of your injuries and any medical bills or costs. Call your insurance company, but wait to sign anything or make any statements until after you consult with Eden Rafferty!

Never admit fault of any kind. Speak to your insurance company, but don’t make an official statement or sign any documents until after you consult with an attorney at Eden Rafferty. If an insurance adjuster calls you, do not give them any details about the accident.

What Kind of Lawsuit Can I Bring?

The two main lawsuits in truck accident cases are based on negligence and product liability. In a negligence lawsuit, we show that the trucker had a duty of care to the other drivers on the road and that this duty was breached–perhaps because of unsafe driving practices, overloading trucks, not stopping at weighing stations, or driving while tired or intoxicated.

Product liability cases are brought against the truck manufacturer for creating defective or faulty product. If the part that caused the accident was dangerous and the truck was in good condition and correctly operated, then the product manufacturer would be at fault.

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