Legal Separation

For many couples, the relationship becomes strained and the marital relationship simply cannot continue as it is, but they do not want to divorce. Perhaps there is still a chance that you could mend the relationship in time, or you could have religious or personal reasons for not wanting to divorce. There are options available to you, short of a divorce, for a separation in Massachusetts.

At Eden Rafferty, we provide legal counsel for couples in the MetroWest area and throughout central Massachusetts seeking separation.

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Separation Agreements In Massachusetts

Legal separation in Massachusetts is not like divorce. It does not require court approval or a courtroom trial. In many ways, it is an agreement like a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, in which the parties agree on the various practical considerations that need to be dealt with after the parties separate:

  • Support: One of the parties might need financial support, similar to alimony or spousal support, and if there are children involved, child support would need to be determined.
  • Child custody: Similar to a parenting plan in a divorce, a separation agreement can include detailed clauses regarding visitation times for the parents.
  • Division of assets: We can help you establish an agreement regarding the assets to which each party would be entitled during the separation period.

A separation agreement can be a great way to take some time apart while maintaining the opportunity to reestablish your marital relationship somewhere down the road. We provide negotiation and mediation, document drafting and document review services for clients in central Massachusetts.

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