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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts applies a formula for determining the monthly child support obligation awarded to the parent who has physical custody of the child or children. This formula includes income and debts for both parents and can include special consideration for child support obligations previously assigned to the non-custodial parent for a previous divorce or paternity matter.

To protect your financial interests in a child support decision, it is important that your attorney understands how the formula works and what qualifies and legitimate income, debt obligations and other factors that are entered into the calculations. Eden Rafferty is recognized as a prominent Massachusetts family law firm, offering a full range of services for individuals with divorce, child custody and child support matters in family law courts throughout central Massachusetts.

Child Support Violations and Enforcement

The courts take child support obligations seriously. Failing to make monthly payments as determined in the judgment can result in serious contempt of court charge. If you are owed money for child support and have been unable to collect through the usual process in your county, talk to us. For more than 20 years, our attorneys have been helping parents resolve the toughest challenges related to custody and support issues.

Child Support and Your Visitation Rights

Parents who are obligated to pay child support are often tempted to withhold payment if they feel they are being cheated out of their visitation rights. Massachusetts law is clear: There is no connection between child support obligations and parenting time. If you are being denied your rightful visitation because you are late with a payment, talk to us right away. We will explain your options for meeting your support obligations and help you protect your rightful parenting time.

Child Support Modifications

Have events in your life made it difficult or impossible to keep up with your child support obligations? The courts know that things change. People lose jobs, and economic times are tough. If you need to modify your child support obligation, we can help.

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