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Recent revisions to Massachusetts law are drastically changing how spousal support is handled in the state. These changes are creating a host of new issues for both alimony payers and recipients, who are seeking to take advantage of these changes, or retain at least some advantages they enjoyed until recently.

Among the changes:

  • Revised limits on eligibility. An unmarried and dependant ex-spouse may no longer be eligible for alimony from the former spouse if he or she is cohabiting with another mate.
  • Revised limits on payments. Alimony is now directly tied to the duration of a marriage and will end when the paying ex-spouse retires.

It is difficult to underestimate the sea change that has occurred as a result of the revised law. People who have remained single in order to retain alimony benefits may no longer have a reason to do so. People who have paid alimony for years may no longer be obligated to pay anymore.

The attorneys of Eden Rafferty are current on these and other changes to Massachusetts alimony laws. We help our clients resolve spousal support issues, whether they seek alimony payments, seek to avoid making payments or wish to modify the amounts they pay after significant economic changes in their lives.

In addition to the changes explained above, judges evaluate several factors when deciding whether a divorcing spouse is eligible for spousal support. Among them are the parties’ respective:

  • Ages and health
  • Current incomes and earning histories
  • Employability/employment histories
  • Health statuses
  • Marriage length and financial histories
  • Current expenses
  • Number of minor children

If you are divorcing and dealing with potential alimony issues, or are divorced and seeking modifications to your existing spousal support terms, our lawyers can assist you in getting the terms that work best for you using today’s laws.

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Eden Rafferty law firm employs investigators, psychologists and forensic accountants when gathering the evidence to bolster clients’ cases in either negotiations or court proceedings. We also use vocational rehabilitation experts who can investigate a former spouse’s future earning potential, which can impact a client’s alimony payments or child support payments.

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