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Eden Rafferty provides a full range of legal services for individuals involved in disputed paternity and paternity rights, including:

  • DNA testing to prove paternity
  • Termination of parental rights, petitions and objections
  • Child custody agreements
  • Child support, enforcement
  • Fathers’ visitation rights, parenting schedule
  • Child support modifications
  • Custodial child relocation petitions and objections
  • Adoption

Fathers’ Rights

If you have been identified as the father of a child, you have a wide range of legal options, including voluntarily terminating your parental rights. If the mother of your child does not want you involved with parenting, you are entitled to seek a fair visitation schedule that protects your rights as a parent. Don’t let the dispute take control of your life. See us for help finding a solution that makes sense for everyone.

Knowledgeable, Intelligent Strategies to Find Solutions That Make Sense

Child custody, visitation rights and child support disputes between unmarried parents are often contentious and emotional. Our attorneys have many years of experience helping individuals resolve challenging, complex issues by looking for common ground and common sense solutions. We are often able to find ways to avoid costly litigation, while protecting the rights of the parents and the best interests of the child.

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Get straight answers about your paternity matter from a knowledgeable Worcester paternity test lawyer. Our offices are located in Worcester, and we represent clients with paternity matters in communities throughout the MetroWest Region and central Massachusetts. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation today.

Practice Areas

Division of Assets
Divorce Mediation
Legal Separation
Same Sex Couples Divorce
Child Custody Issues
Child Support
Modifications of Orders
Father’s Rights
Grandparents’ Rights
Visitation Rights

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