Modifications of Orders

When people’s financial and personal circumstances change, they often need to change the terms of their court-ordered financial obligations.

Eden Rafferty, Attorneys at Law, in Worcester, Massachusetts, assists clients in obtaining such modifications regarding a variety of obligations, including child support, custody and visitation, and spousal support (alimony) payments.

Massachusetts Child Support Lawyers

Massachusetts courts may grant modifications to support payments and custody arrangements when parties demonstrate significant changes in certain aspects of their lives. Such changes include:

  • Loss of employment or income
  • Significant increases in income such as through getting a job or receiving a raise
  • Relocation of one party to another city, state or country
  • Changes in the amount of time spent with children, for various reasons
  • Changing schools

Our lawyers are experienced negotiators and trial attorneys who can zealously represent you in hearings concerning any proposed modifications. We can seek changes to the amounts you are obliged to pay or receive, as well as the amount of time you spend with your children.

Worcester Modification of Orders Attorneys | Dudley Divorce Law Firm

We can also seek to hold other parties accountable for their obligations through contempt proceedings.

If a former spouse fails to make support payments, ignores a custody order or refuses to complete a property division under court order, he or she can be held in contempt, and forced to comply.

If you wish to modify or enforce a court order regarding your support or custody arrangement, or to consult with a lawyer about your circumstances, please contact our law firm online today, or by calling 508-471-3273.

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