Father’s Rights

While there was a time when many courts and even the relevant legislation carried a bias toward the woman in every divorce and every mother in all child support and custody disputes, this is no longer the case. Most legal authorities now recognize the importance of the father’s role in the lives of children, and the greater level of equality between men and women when it comes to earning potential.

If you are a father facing a divorce, child custody or child support dispute, it is important to work with an experienced legal team to protect your rights and the best interests of your children.

At Eden Rafferty, we represent fathers in the MetroWest area and throughout central Massachusetts in divorce, custody and support matters. Our Worcester fathers’ rights lawyers have more than eight decades of combined legal experience and a shared commitment to protecting our clients’ interests.

Although we have all the experience, resources and professionalism of a large firm, we are small enough to maintain our commitment to provide personalized legal representation for all of our clients. When you work with Eden Rafferty, our lawyers will take the time to learn about your situation and your goals. We will protect your interests and make ourselves available to you throughout your case.

Protecting Your Rights ∙ Family Law Attorneys In Worcester

In today’s legal environment, there is no longer the same presumption to favor the woman in divorce-related matters. We can help protect your rights in a range of matters that include:

  • Division of assets
  • Spousal support
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Paternity
  • Stepparent adoptions

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