Unlawful Police Stops

Your OUI/DUI case is not as open and shut as you may have been led to believe. At Eden Rafferty in Worcester, we have committed an entire area of practice to challenging OUI cases. A primary strategy used to fight back against these charges involves challenging the very root of the case: the reason why the police stopped you.

Former Prosecutors Working On Your Behalf

We work diligently to build an argument that your police stop was performed illegally and thus violated your constitutional rights. This approach often enables us to minimize the penalties against you or even get your case thrown out of court entirely.

Our team can do this because, combined, our lawyers hold more than eight decades of legal experience. Because each attorney individually holds anywhere from 10 to 25 years of experience, their legal abilities have been tested and proven in a number of cases.

Through our firm’s experience in the District Attorney’s office , we understand how prosecutors think and how to counteract those strategies effectively.

As a result, they can advise you as to your best options when it comes to challenging your OUI/DUI case on the basis of an unlawful police stop. When you choose from those options, you will be able to do so confidently, knowing you understand all of your rights, not just the ones you thought you knew about.

Practice Areas

Operating With a License Which Has Been Suspended For An OUI/DUI
OUI/DUI Causing Serious Bodily Injury
OUI/DUI Roadblocks
Breath & Blood Tests
First Offense
Field Sobriety Tests
Second Offense
OUI/DUI From Out of State
Third Offense
Unlawful Police Stops
Fourth Offense
Reinstating License After OUI/DUI
Fifth Offense
Child Endangerment OUI/DUI
Homicide by OUI/DUI

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