Reinstating License After OUI/DUI

The rules and processes involved in reinstating your license after an OUI/DUI conviction remain complicated and difficult to follow. You do not have to use your OUI/DUI as an opportunity to test your knowledge of Massachusetts’ license-reinstatement law. Instead, rely on our attorneys’ decades of experience in legal matters.

Let Our Lawyers Help You Reinstate Your Driver’s License After An OUI/DUI

The experienced OUI defense team at Eden Rafferty in Worcester understands the many types of license suspensions, penalties and rules associated with OUI/DUI convictions. When we work with you to get your license reinstated, you can rest easier knowing we have already navigated this maze of requirements successfully on many occasions.

When this process requires meetings with a hearings officer, you can depend on our knowledgeable team to protect you during these hearings. Our office has worked with the hearings officers on many occasions. As a result, we understand how they respond to various situations and what strategies may best persuade them.

This also means our firm’s attorneys have the legal experience you need to maximize the likelihood of your success should difficulties or confusion arise when reinstating your license. Should any complications arise during your application, we can draw on our knowledge of the law and of the system’s operation to put your application back on track.

Experienced Attorneys Working To Reinstate Your License After An OUI/DUI

Schedule an initial consultation today to discuss the reinstatement of your license with us. Call (508) 859-0158 or contact us online. All consults are kept confidential.

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Reinstating License After OUI/DUI

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