Child Endangerment OUI/DUI

Child Endangerment OUI/DUI

If you have been pulled over for an OUI/DUI, you know how stressful it can be and how serious the consequences are. One detail that can make you feel even worse and make the penalties even more dire? Having a child 14 years old or under in the car with you.

If you are charged with an OUI/DUI and had a child in the car with you, you will face mandatory prison time if found guilty.

If you plead or are found guilty, penalties you will face can include:

  • A minimum of 90 days in prison and a maximum of 2.5 years in jail
  • A fine up to $5,000
  • A 16 week alcohol education class
  • 1 year loss of license

If you are charged with a Child Endangerment OUI/DUI, and the child is your own, then there is a high chance that the Department of Children and Families (DCF) will look into your case. There is a possibility that your child or children could be placed in a foster home. Obviously, this is not something to take lightly and you need the best legal representation possible to make sure that you keep your family together.

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