OUI/DUI Roadblocks

You’ve been out at a restaurant or a party and were having a good time. You felt like you were safe to drive home, so you got in your car and headed back at the end of the night. The traffic starts to slow and you see the lights and signs that can only mean one thing: an OUI/DUI Roadblock.

An OUI/DUI roadblock is when Massachusetts State Police Officers stop random vehicles on the road at a certain location and inspect the driver to see if they are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

The guidelines for these interactions are very strict, and deviation can be cause for getting your case dismissed. On our staff, we have former police officers who know exactly how the experience should play out.

Practice Areas

Operating With a License Which Has Been Suspended For An OUI/DUI
OUI/DUI Causing Serious Bodily Injury
OUI/DUI Roadblocks
Breath & Blood Tests
First Offense
Field Sobriety Tests
Second Offense
OUI/DUI From Out of State
Third Offense
Unlawful Police Stops
Fourth Offense
Reinstating License After OUI/DUI
Fifth Offense
Child Endangerment OUI/DUI
Homicide by OUI/DUI

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