Field Sobriety Tests

The law firm of Eden Rafferty has protected the constitutional rights of clients since 1990. Combined, our attorneys hold more than 80 years of experience, with individual attorneys holding anywhere from 10 to 25 years of experience.

We understand how to vigorously attack OUI charges. Our team of attorneys includes a number of lawyers who previously served as prosecutors. As a result, they have a firsthand understanding of the strategies used by prosecutors in these matters.

When a prosecutor’s case against you involves evidence gathered during a field sobriety test, our attorneys understand how to challenge that evidence. We challenge these tests on a number of fronts, including:

  • Who administered the test
  • Whether the test was administered properly
  • Whether the police stop was legal in the first place
  • And more

Our ability to offer clients insight from both sides of the case stems from our larger commitment to providing clients with the best of both worlds. We leverage contemporary legal and informational technology to provide you with the resources formerly associated with only the largest law firms while still maintaining the personalized attentiveness for which our firm is known throughout the Worcester area and, indeed, throughout Massachusetts.

OUI/DUI Cases Are Extremely Time-Sensitive

From the time you are arrested, you only have days to protect your driver’s license. Let the seasoned attorneys of Eden Rafferty help you as soon as possible. Call to schedule a free initial consultation at (508)859-0158. You can also reach us online. All consultations remain confidential.

Practice Areas

Operating With a License Which Has Been Suspended For An OUI/DUI
OUI/DUI Causing Serious Bodily Injury
OUI/DUI Roadblocks
Breath & Blood Tests
First Offense
Field Sobriety Tests
Second Offense
OUI/DUI From Out of State
Third Offense
Unlawful Police Stops
Fourth Offense
Reinstating License After OUI/DUI
Fifth Offense
Child Endangerment OUI/DUI
Homicide by OUI/DUI

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