Sex Offenses

A conviction for a sex offense can put your name on the sex offense registry. For that reason, you need determined counsel that knows how to fight sex offense charges aggressively and successfully. Our firm’s experienced attorneys regularly fight convictions for sex offenses, and they can help you avoid being registered as a sex offender.

Experienced Team Of Lawyers Working To Keep You From Being Registered As A Sex Offender

Our criminal defense firm, Eden Rafferty in Worcester, Massachusetts, has fought for clients successfully since 1990. Because our attorneys hold more than 80 years of experience ranging from 10 to 25 years apiece, we do not shrink from a battle. We understand well that, where the sex offense registry is involved, our clients want aggressive, knowledgeable legal representation. Their rights, their reputations and their futures are at stake.

As former prosecutors themselves in many instances, our attorneys bring the best of both worlds to our clients: the experienced judgment of a seasoned criminal defense team plus the insight gained from previously working as prosecutors. As a result, our clients can rely confidently on the advice our attorneys provide. Should our attorneys advise going to trial, our clients know it is because our attorneys have the judgment to recognize when trial best protects their rights.

Part of delivering the best of both worlds to our clients includes our approach to lawyering itself. We emphasize the individual tailoring of our advice to each different client’s unique needs. At the same time, we leverage contemporary technology to make our attorneys and their abilities accessible to our clients, providing the resourcefulness formerly associated only with much larger firms.

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