Sexual Assault

Leveling The Playing Field

It might seem like everyone is against you if you are facing a sex crime charge. Whether it is a misdemeanor or more egregious felony sex crime involving violence or children, the state will most likely prosecute aggressively. The judge and jury are probably not going to be very sympathetic, and if the story has gotten out to the media, you will be charged, prosecuted and hanged in the trial of public opinion long before your case has even begun. You need to defend against these charges aggressively to protect your life and your future.

At Eden Rafferty, we provide aggressive legal defense for clients throughout the MetroWest and central Massachusetts area. Our Framingham sex crime defense attorneys have more than eight decades of combined legal defense at your disposal. With knowledge of the law and the local court system, we can help you understand your options and defend you aggressively against sex crime charges.

One of the most important things we can do in your case is present your story in a compelling way to the judge and jury. This is one of the reasons our personalized approach to the practice of law is so effective. We will take the time in the beginning of your case to learn your side of the story and help you create a strong, compelling defense. Contact us to learn more.

Sexual Assault Lawyers In Worcester, Massachusetts

The terms “sexual assault” and “rape” are generally used interchangeably. This is the crime of forcing another person to engage in sexual intercourse against that person’s will, either through actual physical force, the threat of physical force or coercion of some kind. It is a serious crime in its own right, with its severity increasing with the presence of aggravating factors that can include:

  • The use of dangerous weapons in the commission of the crime
  • Committing the crime against children
  • Committing the crime against elderly or other vulnerable adults

Sex Offender Registry

One of the most important reasons to defend against these charges aggressively is the sex offender registry. This is a public list of all people in the state who have been convicted of various sex crimes. Since it is a public record, made available to everyone, having your name on this list can destroy your reputation and your ability to secure employment down the road.

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