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A chemical breath test is not the last word in your OUI case. At the law firm of Eden Rafferty in Worcester, many of our attorneys are former prosecutors, so they understand how to challenge these chemical tests. In fact, we have committed an entire part of our practice to doing exactly that.

Former Prosecutors And Experienced Defense Lawyers Fighting Your OUI Charges

We challenge OUI evidence in a wide variety of ways, including disputing the validity of breath and blood tests and field sobriety tests. We even challenge the legality of the police stop itself. Challenging chemical breath tests forms another component of our practice.

Our firm has challenged chemical breath tests successfully for years, having opened in 1990. Combined, our attorneys hold more than 80 years of legal experience. Individually, their experience ranges anywhere from 10 to 25 years.

Because many of them are former prosecutors, they understand how the other side thinks. As a result, they can provide our firm’s clients with the best of both worlds: seasoned defense attorneys who can anticipate the strategies of the prosecution.

This approach reflects our larger commitment to providing clients with the best of both worlds in legal services generally. To do that, our firm leverages informational and legal technologies that enable us to work with each client personally while also efficiently delivering the resourceful representation formerly associated only with the larger firms of yesteryear.

Committed To You And Your Priorities. Challenging Chemical Breath Tests.

We invite you to call us at 508-471-3273 today so we can protect your rights as soon as possible. OUI cases are extremely time-sensitive and your driver’s license is at risk within days of your arrest. You can also reach us online. All initial consultations remain confidential.

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