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Our Victories


  • Equipment Malfunctioning: multi-million dollar settlements
  • Medical Malpractice: multi-million dollar settlements/ verdicts
  • Motorcycle Accident/Traumatic Injuries: $1.4M, $850K
  • Client on his motorcycle was struck by a pickup truck pulling out of a driveway. He sustained multiple injuries:$775K
  • Vehicle struck by a drunk driver. Client was in coma for 12 days and suffered multiple injuries. Client received $425K as a result of a Dram Shop action.
  • A Pregnant woman was a passenger in a vehicle which was involved in a collision causing her to give birth prematurely. The woman suffered multiple injuries and the prematurely born child sustained several severe medical conditions. Client settled lawsuit for $225K.
  • Spinal Cord Injury: $350K • Slip and Fall: $150K
  • Dog Bite: $100K


  • Head Injury: $500K; $350K
  • Neck Injury: $425K; $375K
  • Back Injury: $375K; $350K;
  • Hip & Knee Injury due to repetitive sprains and strains at work: $375K
  • RSD/Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome: $350K
  • Plumber sustained severe low back injury, underwent surgery, developed chronic pain: $350K
  • Machine Technician sustained severe leg injury at work, suffered from chronic nerve pain: $250K
  • Plant Technician sustained low back injury, underwent multiple surgeries, developed chronic pain: $275K
  • Office Manager sustained a back injury, multiple surgeries, developed failed back syndrome: $225K
  • Packer sustained upper extremity injury, developing chronic pain: $175K
  • Truck driver sustained shoulder injury on the job: $100K

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