Assaulted at a Business

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When you are on a business’s property, the last thing you expect is to be assaulted. But it happens for more frequently that you might expect.

If you have been violently attacked at a business, you may be entitled to damages. Whether you’ve been mugged, sexually assaulted, physically assaulted, or assaulted in any other way at a business, you need to speak to a personal injury lawyer at Eden Rafferty.

Here are just some of the locations where you might be unexpectedly assaulted in the Greater Worcester Area:
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping centers or malls
  • Theme parks
  • Concert halls
  • Sporting arenas
  • College or university facilities
  • Parking garages or lots
  • Stadiums
  • Theaters
  • Department stores

When you enter a business property, you place your well-being in the hands of the property owner and manager. The business owner has a responsibility to make sure that there are no obstacles or hazards that could harm or endanger patrons. If your safety and well-being has been put in danger because of a reckless or negligent business owner, call Eden Rafferty today.

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