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If you’ve been in a bicycle accident, you have questions that need answers. Questions like who will pay for your medical bills, and who is responsible to the damage to your bicycle?

Whether you were hit by a car, attacked by a dog, or injured as a result of a defective bike part, you could have serious injuries or damage to your bike. If someone else is at fault, you need to speak to a lawyer to find out how to proceed. Whoever is at fault should pay for the harm they did to you.

Why bicyclists in Worcester and beyond turn to Eden Rafferty for their legal needs

Our team works with bikers all the time and we’re passionate about bike safety and cycler’s rights. We know that most drivers don’t understand or respect a cycler’s right of way on the road, so it’s important for us to get you full compensation for their negligence. We also understand how to work with a jury to get them to understand your side of the case, even if they happen not to be bike riders.

We know that there are many different parties that could be responsible for your bike accident, including:

  • Drivers
  • Dog owners
  • The city, county, or state that maintains the roads
  • Other Bikers
  • Regardless of who is at folk, our team will make sure you get full compensation for your pain and suffering.

Do I Need Insurance To Ride My Bike?

This is a great question. Automobile drivers need insurance; do bikers? The answer is no, cyclists are not required to have insurance to ride on the streets in Massachusetts. However, if you are a frequent cycler who commutes on their bike or rides often for pleasure, then you may want to consider getting insurance through your auto insurance. This would help cover your injuries and damages if the driver who hit you didn’t have enough insurance to pay.

How Long Do Personal Injury Cases Take?

There’s no one answer to this question. It can vary greatly by each individual case. If you are suing an insurance company and they choose to settle, it can be a short time–a matter of weeks. But if the company or individual does not want to settle, then a case can take a lot longer. We strive to settle cases quickly and with the best outcome for our clients!

What Do I Do If I Am Injured In A Bicycle Accident?

The first thing you should do is get medical help if you have been injured. Then, you should call Eden Rafferty for legal advice. When you are injured or if substantial property damage occurred, you need to file a crash report with the police. Then, report the accident to insurance companies. Insurance companies are very skilled at shifting blame off of their clients, so it is important that you speak to a lawyer before you speak to another company or sign any documents.

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