To get the legal protection you need during the OUI process, turn to the aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorneys at Eden Rafferty. Our firm’s attorneys have established themselves as some of the preeminent criminal defense attorneys in Massachusetts. With more than eight decades of collective experience, our firm’s attorneys understand how to guide clients through the legal process, particularly when the legal process itself might not seem to make sense.

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OUI cases are extremely time-sensitive. From the time of your arrest, you only have days to save your license. Depending on your circumstances, you face license suspensions ranging from days to years to the rest of your life.

Because OUI cases are extremely time-sensitive and the penalties so severe, we urge you to contact us right away. The sooner we learn the facts of your case, the sooner we can maximize the benefits afforded to you under the law in a number of OUI-related scenarios, including those scenarios involving:

  • First-time OUI
  • Multiple OUIs
  • OUI from out-of-state
  • Reinstating your license after an OUI
  • Challenging your OUI by attacking the evidence against you, including evidence gathered by way of breath and blood tests, field sobriety tests, unlawful police stops and chemical tests

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Our Worcester-area lawyers take great pride in combining the personal attention of a small firm with the resourcefulness normally associated with a firm much larger than our own. We invite you to schedule an initial appointment with us to learn more about how we can help you in your OUI case: 508-471-3273. We can also be reached online. All consultations remain confidential.

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