Multiple OUIs

Multiple OUI convictions expose you to a number of enhanced legal penalties. In addition to the social stigma and financial impact of multiple OUI convictions, these penalties deprive you of your driving rights for months and even years.

At Eden Rafferty, we make it our job to protect you from these penalties. We take an aggressive, proactive stance in OUI cases. This means we challenge any evidence offered against you, including breath tests and field sobriety tests, among others.

Respected Attorneys Fighting OUI Convictions

Our firm excels in these matters because of our extensive legal experience. Taken on the whole, our team of attorneys draws on more than eight decades of experience in the legal profession.

This experience allows us to provide our OUI defense clients with the best of both worlds. We combine the personal attentiveness of a smaller firm with the legal judgment and resourcefulness often associated with much larger firms.

Our firm’s commitment to clients’ individual needs underlies our entire practice. We know clients need both individually tailored legal guidance as well as the legal resources necessary to fight for our clients’ rights, both in and out of the courtroom.

Multiple OUIs? Call Us As Soon As Possible To Best Protect Your Rights.

OUI cases remain incredibly time-sensitive. After your arrest, the law only gives you days until your license is suspended. To begin the process of protecting your license and all of your legal rights in this situation, please call us to schedule an initial appointment: 508-471-3273. You can also reach us online. All consultations are kept in strict confidence.

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