Theft & Larceny

The stakes are high when it comes to theft crime charges. Avoiding a conviction is essential. With the strict fines, possible incarceration and the damage to your permanent record, it is important to work with a law firm that has the experience and knowledge to defend you against these charges.

At Eden Rafferty, we defend clients throughout central Massachusetts against theft crime charges that include shoplifting, burglary, armed robbery, grand theft, fraud, embezzlement and other white collar theft crimes. With more than eight decades of combined legal experience, our Worcester theft crime defense lawyers understand how important it is to minimize the damage that these charges can have on your life. We will take the time to listen to you and plan a strong, strategic defense on your behalf.

We provide aggressive defense strategies that include:
  • Investigation: We will research the facts of the case and the details surrounding your arrest to uncover anything that can help your case.
  • Reduced charges and alternative sentences: In many cases, we can work with the prosecuting attorney to help our clients get the charges reduced or explore alternative sentencing options that could benefit our clients.
  • Aggressive litigation: If you have a good case worth fighting in court, or if the prosecutor is not willing to negotiate, we will defend your rights in the courtroom to make sure you get a fair trial and minimal penalties.

Personalized Representation

We possess all of the knowledge, resources and experience that you would find at a larger firm, but all of our lawyers share a commitment to giving our clients the best, most personalized representation possible. Every case and every client is different, so we take nothing for granted. We will listen to your story, and we will personally walk you through every aspect of your defense.

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