• Do I need a lawyer to get compensation for a whiplash injury?

    If you or a loved one suffered a whiplash injury in a car accident caused by the negligent actions of another motorist, you may be asking yourself, “do I need a lawyer to get compensation for a whiplash injury?”  The answer is – most likely yes. The reason you will likely need to retain a lawyer to get the compensation …

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  • VIDEO: Should I accept a settlement from the insurance company before I talk to a lawyer?

    We’re often asked: “If an insurance company calls me and they offer me a settlement before I talk to my attorney, should I accept the settlement?” Absolutely not!

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  • Tips on What Questions are Routinely Asked by the Insurance Company

    If you or a family member was seriously injured in a car accident caused by the careless or reckless actions of another motorist, do not be surprised if you are contacted by an adjuster working for the other motorist’s insurance company. One of the most frequently utilized tactics by insurance adjusters is attempting to get a car wreck victim on …

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  • Reasons Why You Do Not Contact an Insurance Adjuster without a Personal Injury Lawyer

    Getting injured in a car accident can be a traumatic and overwhelming experience. Your mind may be flooded with questions and concerns about how you will be able to effectively pay your medical expenses, in addition to your living costs while you try to recover from the accident. The stress and anxiety in the aftermath of a serious car wreck …

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  • Is It Possible to Sue for Emotional Distress?

    If you or a family member was seriously injured in a preventable accident, like a car wreck, that was caused by the careless or reckless actions of another, it may be possible to pursue financial restitution for the emotional distress, anxiety, mental anguish, and other forms of pain and suffering endured after the accident.  Calculating the Recoverable Damages for Your …

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  • How do personal injury settlements work under Massachusetts law?

    If you or a loved one was seriously injured in an accident caused by the careless or reckless conduct of another individual (e.g. an auto accident caused by a drunk driver), you probably have grounds to pursue financial restitution through a personal injury claim. You may have even filed a claim with the insurance company and have questions about the …

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  • Does Your Bodily Harm Qualify as a Personal Injury?

    A common question asked by prospective clients goes as follows – “Does suffering a bodily injury, like a broken bone, torn ligament, head wound, etc. automatically enable the victim to file a personal injury claim in Massachusetts?” The answer may surprise you. Injury Alone May Not Be Enough Getting hurt in an accident does not, in and of itself, provide …

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  • How Long Does a Personal Injury Lawsuit Take to Settle?

    Many of our clients come to us with personal injury lawsuit claims, seeking the answer to this all-important question. Unfortunately, we can’t give a magic answer because one can take months to three years or more to settle. Each case is complicated, and many factors must be considered so that we can get you the maximum amount possible — which …

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  • What are the Steps Involved in a Personal Injury Case?

    A personal injury case goes through standard steps that evaluate your case along the way. Here are the steps that ensure your personal injury claim goes smoothly: Initial Consultation The first thing you should do if you’re injured is see a lawyer like us for a free consultation. Here, you’ll answer a set of questions designed to see what kind …

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