• 5 Steps to Take if Injured in a Car Accident

    If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it could change your life. Not only is Your health and medical condition at stake, but property damage or injuries to other people can take a toll on your finances. This adds stress and makes any injury feel worse. The first question most parents ask after their child was in a car …

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  • Massachusetts girl struck twice due to car accident

    Most people, if they are lucky enough, may only have one mishap, other than minor traffic violations, during their lifetime. One unlucky Massachusetts young lady has had two, both of which are the result of the same car accident. This teen was first involved in a three car collision and, after getting out of her car, was struck by yet …

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  • Car accident sees local transit bus strike home

    A bizarre crash in Worcester led to serious damage of a local home when a bus driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the building. Massachusetts law enforcement investigators are investigating the cause of the car accident, but no charges have been filed so far. A number of people were injured in the crash. According to reports, the …

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  • New program teaches about car accidents and hi-tech distractions

    The technological revolution has given some drivers, particularly teens, a sense of invincibility derived from their seemingly all-powerful communications tools. However, with respect to driving on the roads and highways, the technology is being abused to the extent of becoming a major factor in causing car accidents. In Massachusetts, one auto insurer has teamed up with a university to devise …

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  • Chain reaction Worcester-area car accidents

    Two car accidents recently happened in the Worcester area within moments of each other. Law enforcement officials believe the first accident — a rollover — caused the second accident, which involved an Athol Fire Department ambulance. No patient was in the ambulance at the time of the crash. The chain reaction began Wednesday night in the westbound lane of Route …

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  • Bassist for 3 Doors Down charged with DUI, vehicular homicide

    The popular rock band 3 Doors Down is scheduled to perform in Massachusetts this summer. But the prospect of hearing and seeing the band live has dimmed for many in recent days as news emerged that the group’s bassist was charged this past weekend with killing another driver in what police describe as an impaired-driving car accident. Drummer Todd Harrell, …

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  • Massachusetts family grieving after fatal hit-and-run accident

    Not far from us in Worcester, a family is grieving the loss of a loved one killed in what police say was a hit-and-run car accident. A 55-year-old Springfield grandmother was on her way to spend an Easter weekend with her daughter and grandchildren when she “was killed by a reckless driver who fled the scene,” according to a news …

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  • Fatal bicycle accidents up 8.7 percent

    A Worcester Academy graduate and Boston University student was killed in a Massachusetts bicycle accident law week. According to police, the young adult was riding his bicycle when he was hit by a tractor-trailer turning the corner. This is just one of the many tragic bicycle accidents that have taken the lives of cyclists in Massachusetts and around the country. …

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  • MIT study shows aggressive tendencies of distracted drivers

    We have heard a steady drumbeat of calls over the past decade for tougher traffic laws to discourage drivers from texting or talking on cell phones behind the wheel. Common sense suggests that stiffer penalties and better knowledge about distracted driving hazards will lead to fewer car accidents. A recent study from the New England University Transportation Center at the …

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  • Children Need to Wear Helmets While Biking

    This summer, children all over Massachusetts are spending their days playing outside and riding their bikes through their neighborhoods and around town. Before parents let their kids out of the house to enjoy a day filled with fun, they must make sure that their children understand the importance of a bike helmet. According to Massachusetts law, children 16-years-old and younger …

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