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  • Title Search

    A title search is an important part of the home buying process in Massachusetts that is performed to determine the ownership history of a property and identify any potential issues with the title. The title search is typically performed by a title company or a real estate attorney, who will review public records to gather information about the property’s ownership, …

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  • Why it’s worth hiring a more expensive real estate attorney in Massachusetts

    Hiring a more expensive real estate attorney in Massachusetts may be worth the investment for several reasons: Expertise: A more expensive real estate attorney typically has a higher level of expertise and experience in the field, which can help ensure that your real estate transaction is handled efficiently and effectively. Increased protection: A more experienced real estate attorney is better …

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  • What is Owner’s and Lender’s Title Insurance

    In Massachusetts, title insurance is an optional type of insurance coverage that protects against loss or damage in the event that a defect in the title to a property is discovered after the property has been purchased. There are two types of title insurance: owner’s title insurance and lender’s title insurance. Owner’s title insurance is a policy purchased by the …

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