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  • What to Do after a Car Accident in Massachusetts

    A car accident in Massachusetts can be traumatic for anyone. Even if you are not injured, any damage to your car or someone else’s car can cause financial hardship and inconvenience. Any bodily injuries can have life-changing consequences. The immediate reaction of most people is shock. They can’t believe what just happened. If this happens to you, take a few …

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  • 5 Steps to Take if Injured in a Car Accident

    If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it could change your life. Not only is Your health and medical condition at stake, but property damage or injuries to other people can take a toll on your finances. This adds stress and makes any injury feel worse. The first question most parents ask after their child was in a car …

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  • If I Am Charged With OUI in Massachusetts, Is My License Automatically Suspended?

    If you are stopped on suspicion of drunk driving in Massachusetts, it is important you understand the repercussions you could be facing. Since the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has an implied consent law, when you apply for and receive a driver’s license, you are agreeing to be subjected to blood alcohol tests if you are stopped and a law enforcement officer …

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  • What Does the Legal Process Look Like Once You’ve Been Charged with OUI in Massachusetts?

    If you’ve been charged with operating under the influence (OUI) in Massachusetts, it means that an Officer formed an opinion that you were operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Being arrested, however, does not mean you will be found guilty. Experienced attorneys, here at Eden Rafferty, can carefully navigate the legal system and instruct you …

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  • OUI, DUI, DWI: What’s the Difference in Massachusetts?

    In Massachusetts, these abbreviations relatively refer to the same thing, operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, as with most topics in the legal sphere, it is still very important to dig deeper into the question because ignorance or lack of understanding of the law is no defense. What Do OUI, DUI, and DWI Mean? DWI is driving …

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  • Massachusetts woman seriously injured in hit and run

    Massachusetts State Police are currently investigating an accident that resulted in serious injuries for a 40-year-old pedestrian who was walking two dogs. The hit and run also resulted in the death of one of her dogs. The 22-year-old driver was arrested several hours later and now faces a charge of leaving the scene of a personal injury accident in addition …

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  • Massachusetts pedestrian accident: 1 killed, 4 injured

    A recent accident involving two vehicles and a pedestrian has left four people injured and one dead, according to reports. The incident began after a Massachusetts man refused to stop for police. As he turned onto Route 28, he continued to elude police. The incident quickly became a pedestrian accident when the driver struck a 62-year-old man. The pedestrian sustained …

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  • Massachusetts girl struck twice due to car accident

    Most people, if they are lucky enough, may only have one mishap, other than minor traffic violations, during their lifetime. One unlucky Massachusetts young lady has had two, both of which are the result of the same car accident. This teen was first involved in a three car collision and, after getting out of her car, was struck by yet …

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  • Car accident sees local transit bus strike home

    A bizarre crash in Worcester led to serious damage of a local home when a bus driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the building. Massachusetts law enforcement investigators are investigating the cause of the car accident, but no charges have been filed so far. A number of people were injured in the crash. According to reports, the …

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  • Massachusetts driver not charged in 2nd pedestrian accident

    Most drivers in Massachusetts don’t ever want to be the subject of an investigation into the death of a pedestrian. So it would probably shock many people to know that there is a driver in Springfield that has now been cleared in the death of two people that he ran down with his car. The most recent pedestrian accident took …

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