Local 170 Members

Dear Members:

We are writing to you to reassure you that, in these uncertain economic times, we remain strong and committed to protecting you and your loved ones when you have a legal problem. We will continue to make your case our priority, whether it be a minor matter or a million dollar lawsuit. Our reputation is that we work as diligently on the smallest matter as we do on the complicated case. We understand that any legal problem is worrisome for you and we respect that.

We take pride in the fact that we have represented members of the TEAMSTERS union for almost twenty years. We look back on the cases that we have won, and are also proud of the fact that we have had settlements and awards ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to several million dollars. We also look back with pride on the fact that we have reached out to many of you over the years, many times handling legal struggles which other lawyers would not take, either because they were not money making issues, or were difficult.

We urge you to talk to your brother and sister members to ask them about our record with the TEAMSTERS. We know that if you do, you will hear the success stories regarding our handling of your car accident and personal injury cases, workers compensation and Social Security Disability cases, and many other issues that your members have brought to us for resolution.

We have your backs, no matter what the odds of winning. We are a team, working tirelessly to protect and benefit the lives of all TEAMSTERS. When everything in the world becomes unfamiliar and frightening, when things seem to fall apart, you can still always count on us to take your side and do our very best for you.

Very truly yours,

Richard Rafferty, Jr.
Jane Eden