Massachusetts pedestrian accident: 1 man hit and thrown by car

As with many incidents involving a Massachusetts pedestrian accident, people often get hurt. Anytime people hear about a pedestrian accident, it is not uncommon for them to assume the worst. After all, a lone individual will often have little protection against a speeding vehicle. Drivers have a responsibility to keep the road safe for other drivers, passengers and, more importantly, pedestrians.

There was yet another such occurrence added on to the record of pedestrian accidents this week. A woman in her mid-20's was driving westbound on Meadow Street when she hit an 18-year-old male. This resulted with her then throwing him across the street and coming to a halt on the other side of Meadow Street.

The young man was apparently standing by his own vehicle when the woman hit him with her car. After she hit this young boy, she lost control of her vehicle, swerved off of the road, and hit a tree. According to police, all of her airbags were deployed and her vehicle sustained heavy damage. It is also said that intoxication could be a factor of this pedestrian accident.

The victim and the woman who hit him were both taken by the Agawam Fire Department to the Baystate Medical Center. This is where they will be treated for their serious injuries. Both of which have been admitted into the hospital until they recover from this horrific incident.

This pedestrian accident is a harsh reminder to Massachusetts, and the world, that there needs to be more attention paid to everyone we share the road with. It does not matter if they are a driver or pedestrian. As sometimes occurs, this man suffered injuries based off of another's inability to properly control her vehicle.

As a young man, financial hardships are a factor in his recovery, and medical costs can be expensive. This injured individual retains the right to file a claim against the woman who struck him with her car, injuring him to the point of hospitalization. Such a claim could provide adequate financial compensation to assist the man on his road to recovery.

Source:, Two people seriously injured in Agawam pedestrian accident, Dave Canton, Oct. 12, 2013

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